Me Time

ME Time is having the freedom & flexibility to travel your way


Free time

You’re explorers… so we give you all the free time you need to take in the things you came to see & do. It means you have the freedom to choose; relaxing at a cosy café, heading off to explore the local market or heading to that back-street gallery you’ve been dying to see. Our team can share all the local insights, like the best museums to visit in Florence, where to get the tastiest street food in Bangkok or the late night hot spots in Sydney.

ME Time optionals:

Our tried & tested traveller favourite ME Time optionals are another way you can make the most of your free time. It’s the stuff our travellers have told us you just have to do. And being the longest in the business, it goes without saying that we hook our travellers up with great prices & offer the biggest variety of experiences. Look out for the symbol on our trip pages for a full list of ME Time optionals available on each trip.

Here's a taste
of what's available

Plus loads more!

Important: ME Time optional activities are not included in the price of your trip. They are run by 3rd party operators & on occasions, for some of the activities, travellers may be required to sign a waiver to participate. Before you leave, it’s important that you check your insurance includes your participation in adventure activities & be aware that some of our optionals can be physically demanding & may involve some risk.

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