Spending money

We're all different; some of us want souvenirs, some of us want to indulge in nights out, some want to do all the optional activities and experience it all! However we have an approximate guide to minimum daily spend for each region:
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    • Europe: £30/€45

      North America: $25-35 (USD)

      Australia: $50 (AUD)

      New Zealand: $60 (NZD)

      Asia: $15 (USD)

      South America: It depends on the tour/country – we recommend around USD $30-50/day for Peru and USD $50-75/day for Argentina and Brazil.
Additionally, make sure you check out the approximate cost of the Optional Activities available on your tour. Each day's available optional activities and approximate prices can be found on your tour's page on contiki.com, just expand the day in the itinerary.