Contiki travel documents

When travelling, it's important that all of your important documents are kept together in a safe place. That's why we'll give you a Contiki travel wallet.
  • What's inside
    • Inside you'll find all of your tour and accommodation vouchers, a detailed itinerary, two accommodation lists (one for you and one for someone at home) and your Contiki Travellers guide, specific to the region you're heading to (Travellers Guides can also be viewed online here). You'll also get a Contiki luggage tag and a Contiki e-Kit global phone card!
If you've booked with a travel agent your documents will be sent to your agent 21 days prior to your departure from home. It's the same if you booked directly with Contiki, they'll just go straight to you! Don't forget, you can Check-in for your tour online at and save some time on the first day.